Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wales for the cup?

A strange thing has happened.

I was talking to a fellow Welsh rugby fan this morning. We agreed that Wales didn't really do anything very wrong in the game against Australia; it was also the best team that Wales has. The fact was that we just weren't good enough.

Now Welsh supporters never say that. Before any game our blind optimism takes control; after we always have an excuse. It's almost impossible to dowse the flame of hope, even though it's barely a flickering ember. Even if we lose, we're almost immediately upbeat about the next game.

Husband is more realistic. He has never been overly hopeful for England's chances in this World Cup. Me, I could see Wales winning it. If everyone were fit, if things went our way, if we just had that little bit of luck, if each player played to his potential, we could do it. We could beat even the All Blacks. On the right day.

Not this year.

(But talk to me next week, and there might still be a chance ...)