Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Slug ahoy!

We have a mat behind our kitchen door. For several months, each morning, we've got up to a slug trail around the mat. It never seemed to go beyond that and, of late, since Harvey's demise, we've hardly noticed it at all. I concluded that Sluggy had only been coming to visit his buddy and could imagine them -Sluggy, sitting on the edge of the rug, and Harvs lying, on his bed -putting the world to rights and wondering why humans were in charge when they were obviously making a mess of it.

Then the other night Elder Son and Daughter-in-law, who were staying, were getting ready for bed and about to turn off the kitchen light when they spotted a head slipping in under the back door.

Knowing my fondness for quirky photos to place on my blog, Elder Son rushed to get my camera and this is what he caught. Our late night visitor hasn't stopped calling at all. Maybe he just pops in occasionally to see if his buddy's returned yet.


Gledwood said...

what an unusual coloured slug... you should have caught that and sold it to a japanese pet shop

Gledwood said...

strange people the japanese they keep the oddest pets

fools' cap said...

In my last house in Mumbles we had a lovely Belfast sink - and the slugs thought so too. They'd come slide around it in the night. It wasn't uncommon to see 10 slugs at once and the record was about 25 or so. My housemates used to feed them lettuce and broccoli... They'd be gone by morning leaving slimy trails for us.

We had a theory that they stole our time in the morning too as there never was enough! (However, my friend doing a physics masters never quite agreed with us on that:)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Aah - I must go to bed - you've got me feeling sorry for slugs now!

Liz said...

Even slugs have mothers, Welshcakes! (Now you've got me thinking about slug reproduction! Are they born as baby slugs or eggs? Have you ever seen a teeny tiny baby slug?)

Maria, what do physicists know? I think your theory would explain a lot.

Gledwood, there aren't mnay Japanese pet shops in Swansea, otherwise I would follow your suggestion.

phishez_rule said...

What an unusual coloured leopard slug! Usually they're a bit darker than that. I've seen them gold and brown. For all that they're freakishly large, they aren't ugly.

Liz said...

Phishez, are you Phishez? Or someone else? Which is your blog? Please clarify for us confused souls.

A leopard slug? Is that what it's called? It is quite attractive. In a sluggy sort of way.

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