Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The lady of the house is out

Next time someone comes to the door I'm going to pretend to be my cleaning lady. Well, it won't really be pretending as I am my cleaning lady, but I'll pretend not to be me as well.

It'll be simpler.

A man just offered to do some tree lopping. Now we have lots of trees that need lopping, quite serious lopping in some cases. Husband wishes he had been a lumberjack and enjoys doing it but we have more trees than he has spare time, and one particular bit, just next to where we sit, is not only overgrown and leaning towards the house, but is brown and ugly at the bottom as well. My man gave me a very good price (he assured me it was) to cut them down completely and remove the rubbish. As long as I had it done today.

I told him I'd ask Husband, and I did try but his mobile went straight to voicemail. I don't think my man believed me but I would have liked him to cut down the trees.

We had a Health & Safety training day in work on Monday. The trainer asked us what hazards we had at home; I said, 'my husband.'

Saying 'I know what I'm doing,' he props his ladder up against a thick conifer hedge, and climbs up it, 10' or more, chain saw in hand.

I would have been very pleased for someone else to risk life and limb but dare not make the decision without consulting Husband. It is 'his' garden.

And my man was Irish. So if he'd brought two mates with him, I'd have been able to tell people we'd had the tree fellers in. (The old ones are the best.)


MissKris said...

I've been so busy the past couple of weeks, adapting to having Chloe dog in the house and all the extra walking and cuddling, that I've only been able to drop by for a minute or two here and there. Well, this morning I made a point of having a nice long read so I'm all caught up with your side of the Pond, haha! Not much going on here on my side...just day to day life and my usual crazy schedule. The kids are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I won't have the baby for 3 days. I don't think I even remember what to do when I have time alone for more than a few hours. I can hardly REMEMBER time alone for more than a few hours!! But I'll still have the dog. Oh least she's well-behaved and old enough to not need constant attention. My Dear Hubby has nicknamed our grandson the Vancouver Tornado, haha! Hope this finds you well, Liz. I hope to get to your email in the next day or two...haven't had much computer time recently. ((((HUG))))

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I would never employ one of those people who just knocks on your door - they could be casing the joint; anything. And I only pay money to people who have proper businesses and don't therefore insist on cash. I have no choice but to declare my earnings for tax so I am not going to help others avoid it. I can see it would have been nice to have had the "treefellers" round, though!

mdmhvonpa said...

"The trainer asked us what hazards we had at home; I said, 'my husband.'"

HEY! Not fair ... we NEED to do dumb things or all those folks at the ER would have nothing to do!

Sir James Robison said...

As I sit blogging in my city flat, I dream of your trees [and other parts of you too, Liz].

Anonymous said...

lol @ hazardous husband!!

Liz said...

Welshcakes, it's sad - but true -that we have to be so suspicious, isn't it? But why do I end up feeling bad?!!

mdm, it's good to hear that you're thinking of others.

James, what can I say?

4dogs, husbands always know best!!

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