Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is there anybody there?

I just got home from work and the house was not as I left it!

I came in through the kitchen door and things had been disturbed in there. Younger Son was in work - and had left before me this morning - and Husband was in Hook. Did I panic?

I did not. I am woman; I am empowered.

I went into the hall and shouted out, 'Okay, burglars, I'm going to close my eyes and count to 10. In that time I expect you to leave. If you do, we will say no more about it.'

I went back into the kitchen, closed my eyes and waited. No sound. They must have already gone. And all that seems to be missing are a few plastic carrier bags. Hm, interesting.

(It wasn't really that brave of me: the alarm was still on in the hall and hadn't been set off so I didn't really think there were any burglars in the house.) (Although I have been known to do the same thing under different conditions.)