Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In the beginning ...

was the blog, and the blog was made word. And I blogged and the world was good.

On the next day they created MySpace, and everyone said, 'This is the future,' and I became part of the future. But I continued to blog.

On the next day they created Facebook, and everyone said, 'Be my friend,' and I was their friend. But I continued to blog.

On the next day, they created Twitter, and everyone twittered - and I said, 'Enough.' And I continued to blog.

Which is just a silly way of saying, 'AAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I can't keep up!'


Anonymous said...

Blogito, ergo sum

Liz said...

Da iawn, Ordovicius

MaryB said...

Sho' 'nuff. (As long as we're using our native tongues . . . )

I'm with ya' on this, Liz. I just don't have time to communicate in every single techno-realm. I'll stick to blogging. (Although, a new Blackberry just landed on my desk at work - another thing to figure out. Sigh.)

Lord Nazh© said...

Myspace helped me find people I hadn't had contact with in years... facebook is still not on my 'todo' list, and yet I still blog.

or I writes whats I feel (southern accent)

Gledwood said...

i can't do these fancy blog things... like myspace.. people call it a "blog" but it never has anything on it! except things like "my favourite colour"... or am i just going to the wrong part?

and don't you have to log in? unless you gotta specific url to go to?

do people actually keep proper blogs like blogger blogs on myspace?... i didn't think so but please tell me if they do!

jmb said...

I think they are all crazy time wasters, except the blog thing, which is just a time waster but has a point in my opinion.
I got talked into Twitter and Pownce (an IM system in beta) and Gtalk. So more ways to waste time instead of getting on with life. Lucky of got lots of time to waste.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I totally agree! Love the style of this post.

Winston said...

I find that all of those "social networking" places do nothing for me except help me waste time that I do not have. I have dipped my toes into several of them and have found nothing that satisfies my needs like good old blogging.

Liz said...

Is a Blackberry anything to do with Bluetooth, Mary? I've herad talk of that recently.

Lord N, I wouldn't bother with Facebook. I haven't worked out its attraction.

Gleds, percisely, I really can't see what the fuss is about : unless I'm going to the wrong bit too!

jmb, blogging certainly takes up time - some would say wastes! - but I too think it has more of a point.

Diolch yn fawr, Welshcakes!

I garee, Winston. Or maybe I agree!

Further on up the road said...

It's all part of the consiracy...

My son who is 17 is into MSN a lot and has a myspace and posts some random stuff on Youtube. He doesn't blog, he thinks I'm sad 'cos I do. He thinks Facebook is..."****" can't repeat! He hates his mobile phone he doesn't do spoken conversation much!

So look even the young give up!

A mate was on about getting Blackberries for his business - he installs garden gates. I was lost. "But I can email the installers instructions..." Right - you have 3 people in the company including yourself? This is an expense you don't need trust me....

Liz said...

I use MSN to talk to my sons, including Younger Son who is sometimes upstairs when we're talking. Hey, it stops me having to shout!

mdmhvonpa said...

I blog ... therefore, I do not Myspace.

Sir James Robison said...

May peace be upon you, my child.

MissKris said...

I feel fortunate to find my way to the keyboard and turn my system on in the morning. I have neither the extra time or the inclination to complicate my life any more than it is at this point in time. Bebo is a site that a lot of people from my church go to but I'm with Winston on this one...the social sites do nothing for me. I'm too tired and brain dead by the time I get around to keeping up with my own blog in the evening to go wandering around to read about someone's favorite color.

Anonymous said...

Don't keep up, Liz, give up - but not blogging! You are too good at it to be wandering off into other time-sapping activities.

Like WL, I love the style of this post - there's an embryonic feature there...

Mauigirl said...

I have not Facebooked, MySpaced nor Twittered. I'm impressed with myself that I blog. It's enough!

Mauigirl said...

Oh, there is one other new thing I haven't done either, and am afraid to try it for fear of addiction: Second Life.

Colin Campbell said...

Having tried all of these things, I have a few thoughts. Blogging wins hands down, although Facebook is fun. MySpace doesn't compute and twitter is a marginal activity if I have time.

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