Thursday, September 06, 2007

Got any spare change, guv'nor?

I was just reading Russian Wolfhound's blog when I remembered Elder Son's cunning plan.

Apparently Amy Winehouse's family has been asking the public not to buy her CDs so as not to fund her habit. (It's like those people who say you shouldn't give money to beggars as they'll only spend it on drink.)

Elder Son decided that he would go to HMV, take a Winehouse CD to the counter and ask if he can pay for it with luncheon vouchers. She looks as if she could do with a good meal inside her.

I think he could be onto something. It's a win win situation.


Sir James Robison said...

The tattooed lady, yes?

Lee said...

I think your son's onto a good thing, too, Liz. She sure doesn't look very healthy.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think that's a good plan! Liz, this post keeps disappearing!

Further on up the road said...

I find the whole fasination with celebrity addiction quiet ironic. When I was an active alchololic no one was that interested in the twists and turns of my story but then I'm not famous. And the answer was I drank for 25 years without any consideration of others. I knew I had a problem for most of that time, a serious problem for the majority of it and really serious issue for at least the last 5 years culminating in the worst year of my life where I fought and lost the battle day in day out.

Now - dear Amy may or may not want to stop abusing herself, but these efforts of her family will make no difference at all. It's all about when she has had enough herself and she decides to stop battling and truely give in and look for a solution.

I still give the guys on the street money - I know they try but it's a bloody tough life out there. When I heard this statement I almost bought her CD just to spite the family... probably that says more about me and my alcoholism than anything else... :-)

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