Monday, August 13, 2007

Yesterday and today, food and drink

Dinner last night: griddled ribeye steak topped with slices of peppercorn cheeseball. Yum, yum.

Today I'm researching the history of whisky for a website article I'm writing. I've done brandy, and I still have gin and tequila to go, as well as cocktail recipes. Not bad for a tee-totaller.

And I am a tee-totaller. I had another argument with someone on Friday who insisted I was a drinker. I don't know where people get this idea from!!


Chris said...

I have the the same problem; that I like more than my fair share of wine.

Now, I'm not teetotal and I do enjoy a glass of red but some people in certain quarters are convinced that I drink it by the bottle. When I insist I don't they give me that 'oh yeah' look and smirk. I've given up being annoyed about it now. Let them think what they like.

Good luck with the research.

Liz said...

We're both obviously just jolly souls and others can't believe that we're like that without artificial assistance! Good for us, I say.

phishez_rule said...

That. Looks. YUM! I can't generally cook steak, but last night I had hickory BBQ New York Steak. Cooked to perfection. Tender and juicy. YUM.

Joy Des Jardins said...

That looks soooo good Liz....I can only imagine how yummy it was.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That looks scrumptious!

Stu Savory said...

here is a source of whisky data for you. I wrote it back in march of 2006.


jmb said...

Oh no, delicious looking food photos everywhere on Pageflakes today.

I'm teetotal too but knowledgeable about wine, no end. I've been on more tours of wineries than you can poke a stick at. I've even been to a wine tasting course where everyone else got to taste and I enjoyed the bouquet and noted the undertones of cherries and and hint of mushrooms and whatever else they told me.

Unpremeditated said...

I'm with you on the food photos jmb. One more juicy looking plateful and I'm going to crack and have to pop out for a quick snack.