Monday, August 13, 2007

More this'n'that

I just hung out the washing, came in, said, 'oh, Harvey,' and scritched him. It was almost satisfying.

Should I have done that? Told you, that is, not scritched him. I mean, I could see him. Well, not really obviously. Okay, it's probably time I changed the subject.

* * * * * * * * *

Apparently Manny Shinwell, MP, tried to get whisky made available on the National Health. He failed in that so then, when he was in the House of Lords, tried to have it declared a justifiable expense. I don't think he succeeded in that either but he did live to be over 100 on his glass or several of whisky a day.

* * * * * * * * *

I was reading posts on the Blogpower site this morning. I didn't understand half of it about feeds and stats,but I have now put that little thing at the side that shows me lovely piccies of my visitors (or their dogs or logos).

I noticed I was listed as one of the people who visits: that's not strictly true. I only visit those I like. And let's face it: my posts are fairly inane and of little interest to the political bloggers so I wouldn't expect them to visit me. I appreciate it when cbi and Lord Nazh call in; I don't consider James to be a political blogger or Jock, for that matter, although both of them do cover politics amongst a wider remit.

Anyway, I will make a point of visiting others - and trying to comment if I have the slightest idea what is being spoken about. Having a left-bent in a right-tilted blogroll doesn't help.



Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh, I imagine that will happen to you a lot....dear Harvey. Have a beautiful week Liz.

Wolfie said...

I wouldn't get too stuck-in with the right-left labels, frankly it seems irrelevant in a globalized economy under a Thatcherite socialist government! I like to think of myself as libertarian rationalist but sometimes that comes out as sounding "right".

Elsie said...

I just watched your Harvey video. It was even better this time around -- what wonderful memories for you. We all miss Harvey, and I can only imagine how you feel. Take care.

Anna said...

I was wondering when you would start seeing Harvey. I figured it was only a matter of time. Maybe he will make a guest appearance on the blog soon, too?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think that is perfectly normal, Liz. He will always be with you in a way.

You and me both! I don't understand all that about feeds and stats either and I too have a left-wing bent. But I've stopped worrying about it because I think Blogpower has a lot of people who embrace the centre ground as well. Was mybloglog difficult to put on?

Liz said...

Joy, Elsie, Welshcakes, thank you. It seems perfectly normal to 'see' him.

Wolfie, thanks for visiting. I am a very unpolitical animal: I understood very little of your comment!!

Welshcakes, no, I joined mybloglog by clicking on the Join this Community bit at the bottom, and my picture started appearing on people's sites but I didn't know how to get it on mine. But I did a little investigating this morning and it was easy.

Steve G said...

Liz, I received an email from Brett, that you had sent. Sorry about not notifing folks about my decision to slow the blog down. I am fine and well, just need to spend some time writing, which I have put off too long. I plan on a new blog, but that is down the road. I wish you and everyone of the bloggers much happiness. I'll be back, as Arnie said.

Liz said...

Steve, we're glad to hear it. Emails were flying back and forth between Wales and Sicily yesterday evening, worrying about you!

Colin Campbell said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad that there are a wide range of views on Blogpower, even if many are to the right. Many of those are good writers and I appreciate that as much as the viewpoint. I think if Tom Paine was reincarnated as a socialist, he would still be a good writer. I don't suppose I am too political, I just hate the current Australian Government. I feel that it is fair game to rant a little since I cannot vote, in fact I have not been able to vote for over 20 years because of where I live and my immigration status. No great loss. I always appreciate your visits.

Colin Campbell said...

My Grandfather, Communist that he was was a great admirer of Manny Shinwell. I can remember him in his dotage yelling at the television that you are no Manny Shinwell to people like Harold Wilson when they were on television.

Lord Nazh© said...

Thanks for the mention Liz ;)

I actually don't like politics all that much, but it is fun to talk about (rant/argue).

Colin: most of the BP'ers are labeled 'right', but if you read them, they are actually center or slighly left (the ones labeled left more center than far)