Monday, August 27, 2007

I knew I'd forgotten something

Ah, yes, the score. Well, Wales got a converted try (7 points) and France got a bit more.

There are large display screens at either end of the ground and each time Gareth Jenkins, the Wales coach, was shown, he was booed. That is very unusual for a Welsh crowd. French fans regularly boo their own team when they feel they're being let down, but that's always been a Gallic thing. For our coach to cause that reaction from the crowd says much about how the Welsh public is feeling.

But with the World cup only three weeks off, it's no time to be changing coaches.

Aw, well, the competition comes round every four years; there's always 2011 to look forward to.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Very unusual indeed, that.
Word ref is gsroar!

MissKris said...

I will never understand the world's obsession with soccer and rugby. Aren't I terrible? I used to be a diehard sports fan of American football, basketball, and baseball but sportsmanship and decency have gone so far by the wayside that I no longer watch them, either. If anything, I still enjoy a good round of golf because the players seem to remain GENTLEMEN!!! I have never seen a golfer with a sweeter swing than Tiger Woods. But with world records in other sports being broken by steroid 'freaks'...there's something wrong with that picture, if you ask me. Once upon a time a great athlete set records based solely upon their own talent and merits. Sadly, like everything else decent in this world, it seems to be on the way out too. There...I feel better now I've vented. Thank you!!! ;-D