Monday, August 06, 2007

Good grief!

You'd think I'd be able to cope with Sainsburys, wouldn't you? I was only going shopping after all. But even that turned into a minor traumatic experience.

I made a point of avoiding the dog food aisle but my eyes filled up when I saw - wait for it - air fresheners.

In the last year or so, the house smelled - not just old dog smells but other, even less pleasant, whiffs resulting from Harvey's 'little problem'. So I became something of a connoisseur when it came to air fresheners. And my conclusion: nothing works. (Except candles, which are an expensive way of dealing with the dilemma.)

Just last week I bought a fancy new perfume diffuser cum toilet cleanser; it's made the toilet smell like a public lavatory. The sort with the very distinctive and highly-artificial scent. The smell also lingers on the person who has just used the loo.

So I won't be buying that again.


Clare said...

it'll be the little things for a while Liz, but you'll feel better soon. Keep smiling :)
Thinking of you xx

Lee said...

I change my air fresheners all the time...meaning the type of scent/flavour...because after a while they all get that "public toilet" smell about them, I reckon...even the most highly-perfumed.

It's okay, Liz...I get misty-eyed over the most strangest things too...I drove home from the supermarket the other day welling up with tears...something started it off, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was now. ;)

Chris said...

Mm.. I tried those new toilet/air fresheners, too. Made me feel nauseous.

jmb said...

It will take a while but it does get better. It is funny how the strangest things set you off.
When my previous dog died, I was still working and I think I cried for two weeks straight if anyone looked sideways at me.
Take care

Anna said...

Do you know the Harvey video link at the side isn't working?

mdmhvonpa said...


Hope the grief passes soon.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Liz, I know how you feel. After I lost my last dog, I avoided the dog food aisle as much as I could. And I still can't buy "Schmackos", which he loved. [We can get them here.] I can understand perfectly how the air fresheners upset you. Take care x