Thursday, August 30, 2007

The bookshop, the hairdresser and the plaque

Newly shorn and brightly coloured, I am a new woman.

On my way to the hairdressers I noticed a new remainders bookshop. Well, I had to just peek inside, didn't I? It turned out to be much better than the other leftovers bookshop we have, with lot of recent hardbacks at £2 or £1.50, including The Interpretation of Murder (h/b £2 and I recently bought it in p/b for £3.99) and Fly Fishing in the Yemen (h/b £2). I bought that one. And four others. And they only cost me £9. What a bargain. Look how much money I saved!

I would have told you what other books I bought but I left them in the hairdressers.

Never mind. I have to go back into town in the next couple of days to get a plaque for Harvey's memorial stone, so I can pick them up then. I was supposed to be getting the plaque before I went to the hairdressers but I was in the bookshop then. There seems to be some sort of poetic irony in that. (And I have no idea what that means but it sounds good.)

Then on the way home I was behind a sleek sports car with the numberplate LE04SPY. That made me think about whether I could get a personalised numberplate that said something like LI24 .. a three-letter word? That's it! LI2 4 GOD! Then all those nice innocent Christians would think it was my version of a fish, while everyone who knew me would know it really meant I wanted to BE God.

Actually I'd hate to be God. Think of all those requests, and decisions, and all that 'with power comes responsibility' malarkey. No, thank you. I have enough trouble running my life; the world can be someone else's problem.


MaryB said...

I agree, Liz. I don't think I'd like being God. Did you ever see Bruce Almighty, when all those prayers and requests came flying at him non-stop in the form of millions of post-it notes? Argh! Best leave it to Morgan Freeman. ;-)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I don't think God needs to make any decisions.

I think he just made one, how the universe would be.
He knows when we'll pray and what we pray for.
He's already decided.

The prayer is a result, not a cause of his decision.
It's our redemption.

Anonymous said...

Would really like to know what you think of Fly Fishing in the Yemen when you've read it, Liz, as I was born in the Yemen and wonder if it might throw more light on my background.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, god - assuming he is there - has enough worroes, I should think. Like the numberplate idea. Are you all right with getting the plaque for Harvey? Thinking of you.

Liz said...

Yes, mary, I saw Bruce Almighty (not seen the new one yet though) - Morgan Freeman would make a good god, I think!

cbi, I think we can change God's mind.

shirl, as soon as I read it, I'll tell you.

welshcakes, we're gathering this weekend for the 'memorial' for Harvey. Sure to be an emotional time, but an emotional laying down as well, I hope.

Further on up the road said...

At least you did get to the hairdressers to leave the books.

A friend of mine was telling a story of being behind a "senior" gentleman who was trying to get his car MOTed yesterday. He was at the wrong branch of the garage on the wrong day at the wrong time. As this guy left my friend thought - "actually is he safe to drive?"

Just think God has to deal with the universe - or should that be multiverse if you are into the string theory and all that - he must get some overtime claims in.