Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogpower bloggers

Last week, as I said, I tried to visit most of the Blogpower blogs. For my own benefit, to remind me who's whom, I've done a very short round-up. I've not included any of the blogs I already visit regularly.

You've got to admire a 19-year-old Thatcherite who wears a bow tie. Steven Bainbridge has spent the last two weeks performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for the second year running.
"I went last year with our youth theatre and we performed Shakespeare's Othello, in which I played Iago. That production got a 4* review and we packed the house nearly every day. ... (this year's) is called 45 minutes and basically explores the journey of one family who have only 45 minutes left to live."
Sadly, the final performance at the Fringe was yesterday but, no doubt, Steven will be back blogging soon to tell us all about it.

Andrew Allison drops a small but significant announcement into one of his recent posts.
"Becky and I went on holiday to Paris for a few days at the end of July and got engaged in a very plush Michelin starred restaurant."
I am a little concerned that he agrees with John Redwood (on anything) but many congratulations anyway to Andrew and Becky.

If you can remember who won an NME poll in 1965 or 1966, Richard Havers would like to hear from you. He has a photo on
his blog that he thinks might be the Rockin' Berries but would welcome anyone who knows differently. He's also got a great early review of the Beatles.

I used to visit
In Search of High Places regularly but, for some reason, I thought it had ceased. It hasn't. Alex, Matt and various others discuss, and disagree over, Christianity and atheism. Most of the arguments go way, way above my head but the most recent post is more on my level. Minnesota, where Alex lives, has been experiencing major storms - and he loves it.
"It seems we are all drawn to the fantastic. We'd all love to see a 'miracle' — something that just blows you away. I find myself ever drawn to this sense of awe. I love to be in the presence of great power. I like to feel small. I long to stand before something much greater than myself."

There's nothing more I need say so I'll stop.


Clare said...

gosh that really is a deep blog. Far too over my head. Another reason I am not a Blogpower blogger - who would want to read my rubbish??

Liz said...

I feel the same, Clare! And that was me picking out bits I could understand!

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

I would, for a start, Clare. Liz - well done. It's always appreciated by those who are profiled and those who read.

Clare said...

Thanks Sir James! You're welcome any time - just don't expect anything remotely political, sensible or even necessarily sane!