Friday, August 10, 2007

And the Award for Schmoozing goes to ...

Now I have to award five bloggers who, I believe, have the power of schmooze: the ability to chat informally on their blog.

This is difficult, partly because there are lots I'd like to include, and partly because lots of people have already received it.

So I'll choose:

MDM, who lives with tyrannical twins and when he isn't swimming or doing karate is platform guard on the Nighttime Express;

Gledwood, who's proving with his blog that not all junkies are purse-snatching grandmother-killing psychos;

Ageis, who is a faithful visitor, as well as a motor-biking allotment-holder;

Robyn, over in Oz, who definitely has the power of schmooze;

and ...

Shades, who posts about theatres and lighting, and fascinating places, as well as his lovely family. And who, I've just discovered, posted a lovely video especially for me last week. Thank you, Ian.
I realised I had forgotten to include the award image and remind the five recipients that they now have to pass it on to five more!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, Liz...Thanks so much for the Schmooze Award...That's about the fourth one I think...woohoo!

Congratulations on yours, too. Very schmoozy (is that a word? Come to think of it, where did schmooze come from anyway?).

Have a good weekend!

mdmhvonpa said...

Aw shucks mam ... yer makin me blush!

Age is All in the Mind said...

I am very touched by this. It's the first recognition I have received thank you.
I will have to think about my 5 recipients over the weekend. Along with my 'acceptance speech' post of course :-)

Shades said...

Thanks, Liz, much appreciated.

I'll work out who to pass it on to after my holiday.


Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

All but one unknown to me.

Liz said...

Robyn, I thought I'd seen it on your blog before but when I did a search, nothing came up! Aw, well, you deserve it anyway!

As do you, mdm, Ageis and Ian.

James, that's good. And, incidentally four of them are male.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Good chices, Liz.