Friday, January 26, 2007

Who you calling a MUT?

Fiddle. I've been shouting at Harvey because he kept barking for no reason but now he's gone quiet and that means I am going to have get up and go in the kitchen and make sure he is still alive.

He is.

It has been the afternoon for snazzy sports cars to drive past. Our house is on a little sort-of lane just off the main road. there is no reason to drive along it unless you are coming to one of the five or so houses or you are lost. But two cars, both with personal number plates have driven along. The first one was dark blue and had the numberplate G10 GAV: the other one was M11 MUT.

The first one must have been Gavin Henson's car! He plays number 10 (sometimes). but I don't know about the second.

My theory (for them both being along our lane) is that the rugby club are running a treasure hunt that has led them to our house. I can even imagine a clue: what name does Luxembourg's house have?

You see, our house has a name, Lonisa, and a number, 208, which is also the wavelength that Radio Luxembourg used to be - and possibly still is - on.

It works for me.

But I still haven't worked out who MUT is.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I should have stayed out of the kitchen. I disturbed Harvs who is now standing next to me barking.

Before going out this morning, while rummaging in the top shelf of my wardrobe looking for a scarf, I came across a cardigan and a skirt and I am convinced I have never seen either of them before.

The skirt is brand new and still has its shop tag on it. If it wasn't for the fact that it was in a shop carrier bag I would think I had taken up shoplifting in my sleep. I do hope I haven't. Would they accept the fact that I was asleep as a good excuse? I doubt it: they like to 'make examples' of people.

It's not even a nice skirt.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I was wondering how to label this post.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

208 - that takes me back! Listening to RL in bed on my transistor radio...
Poor Harvs! Do you think it was the unfamiliar car engines that set him barking?
I've done that with shopping, too. So maybe we both sleepwalk!
Love your post label, by the way.

Shirl said...

So No 208 has a name - you kept that quiet, so far!

I remember Radio Lux too - we listened under the covers, all these teenagers, now of more advanced years, consigned to a musical education in bed! Bit before the days of mp3, eh?

Waffle all you like Liz!

Clare said...

My puppy, Grace, has taken to barking ALL NIGHT LONG. Normally, she just barks when something moves (or breathes), but now there is something that sends her mental every night unless we move her into mum's room where she seems to be ok. Yesterday she was lying on the sofa looking asleep, but barked anyway. Maybe she's just practicing...

Liz said...

Bad dreams, Clare. Harvey used to dream about guinea-pigs.

No, Welshcakes, Harvey just barks for the sake of it.

Steve G said...

My wife was a big fan of Radio Lux. She recorded lots of shows and has them on cassettes. I think their in the basement.

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