Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's Keira Knightley got ...

that I haven't?

She's tall, slim, gorgeous, English, young and a talented actress, okay, but apart from that? How come she gets to snog Orlando Bloom AND Johnny Depp? Right time, right place, who you know, I guess.

Spot the difference, go on ...

And how come it isn't illegal to sell chocolate, shortbread biscuits and other seasonal goodies at reduced-price after Christmas?
a) why don't they do that before Christmas?
b) how can I not buy when they're practically giving it away (1/4 price!)?


Elsie said...

It SHOULD be illegal to sell chocolate at a reduced price after the holidays. The other day I ordered Lindt truffles (in a lovely 20 count box for giving)from the local grocery store. When they were delivered, I noticed the price was $2.69 US. What? So, don't you know, I HAD to order a few more boxes to be delivered later this week! There ought to be a law!

And Keira Knightley's got nothing on you Liz, except for Johnny Depp (who cares about Orlando Bloom?). And does snog mean what I think it does?

Liz said...

Sorry, Elsie, I was forgetting the UK/US divide; snog means kiss!

$2.69 for 20 Lindt truffles! Do they do long-distance?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Totally agree again, Liz! You have brightened my day.

Chris said...

You'll never believe this but.... the other day a female acquaintence actually said: 'I don't like Johnny Depp'.

I was unable to speak for ages.

Liz said...

Oh, purleese, Chris, is she - how can I put this in a politically correcty manner? - one step away from being sectioned?!

My Heart Runneth Over said...

Amazing I have been thinking the same thing! Great minds... lol! ~M

Joy Des Jardins said...

You are too funny Liz....thanks for the hysterics. Oh that Johnny Depp....

Steve G said...

The one on the right looks like she has more character. Bet Johnny wouldn't snog with her.

chux said...

id snog the one on the right myself!
She's prettier than an old girlfriend in my single days. Johnny Depp is a lord and i'd kiss him when he does that Captain Jack Sparrow voice too. (kiddin)

I missed the cheap chocolate this year and i'm really miffed.

nice post this one, gonna have a look at your others now see ya

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