Wednesday, January 31, 2007

to-do today

In case you think this blog's been taken over by all things god-like, I'll change the subject.

Although, actually, I'm going to talk about Jonny Wilkinson so maybe not too far removed from god-like. (There's a question on - I think - Moristotle's blog about God having a sense of humour; I am in deep doo-doo if he doesn't!)

I've made a list of things to do today and amongst the numerous items is: write a piece about rugby.

The Six Nations starts on Saturday. (For those of you not rugby-inclined I will provide the link to the article I'm writing - when it's written; it might explain a bit. Especially to me.)

Hip, hip, hooray, Jonny Wilkinson has been named in the English team. Husband is a great English supporter so having Jonny playing will give me some reason to watch the England games (without spitting too much).
But I also have to write about cakes - without eating any. It's a hard life.