Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Look at that!

I just registered for YouTube and uploaded the Harvey film show I made last year. (It was available through a link at the side but it's not there any longer.)

Gosh, I feel pleased with myself and it was very easy to upload it; I thought it would be much harder. Isn't technology wonderful?

What can I do next, that's the question? A trip round Gower? Hmmm, this could be way too distracting!


Clare said...

ahhhhhh I love the Harvey video! Glad you got it up on the internet again!

Hershey said...

Wonderful! How is it that your lady's so smart? Mine hasn't a clue, technologically barking! We both could learn a lot from you two. Woof.

Serena Joy said...

Harvey's a movie star! Well, he certainly looks the part, handsome leading man that he is.

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