Saturday, January 06, 2007

In which I am puzzled

We didn't have Christmas cards from a number of people this year.

The Queen, Posh and Becks, Tony and Cherie.

As we don't usually have cards from them I'm not too bothered; it's more the people from whom we can normally expect a card that concern me.

Have I inadvertently done something to upset them? Did I walk past them in the street? Forget their birthday? Send them a Happy 40th Birthday card when they're only 39? Or, more worryingly, are they dead? This is less frivolous a question than you might assume when several of them are elderly aunties (who aren't actually aunties but friends of the family whose existence I only remember at Christmastime).

Oh, well, never mind.

I am currently munching my way single-mouthedly through an 800 g bucket of Maltesers. I LOVE Maltesers. Husband just came in and asked if I was going to share them with him; I said no. He said, 'Good, I can tell everyone that you had a huge bucket of Maltesers and you didn't give me one.'

I don't care. Nothing comes between me and my Maltesers.


Roxan said...

I received one Christmas card this year. Maybe there was a world wide shortage? :)
You should always have at least one treat you don't share. Be selfish and keep it to yourself.

MaryB said...

I made sure I sent my cards out early this year and included a neon-bright insert with my new address, email, phone number. I heard from all the regulars except one, so I'm puzzled. I always get a card from her (one of my best childhood friends), so - like you - I'm wondering if I offended her in some way. Hmm.

Well, never mind. Pass the Maltesers. (Whoops. You're NOT going to pass the Maltesers cuz you're eatin' them all yerself. I'll just go get my own . . . )

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I kow what you mean, Liz. I was beginning to worry about a second cousin in Australia, who is a fair bit older than me, but his card came yesterday. I didn't get a card from Tone and Cherie either! And, more importantly, Simi is miffed 'cos she didn't get one from that other Liz's corgis!
Ah, Maltesers - how I miss them! You enjoy and don't give up a single one!

Chris said...

Do you know, this has made me realise that I really don't keep track of who sends us cards. I just send mine to people on my list every year, adding some new names, sometimes deleting names for various reasons (fortunately not very often). Don't get me wrong, I do read them when they arrive and I'm sure I would notice (eventually) the absence of greetings from certain people but being someone who has, on a couple of occasions, failed to send any Christmas cards at all, it's not something that concerns me too much.

Maltesers - I love them almost as much as I love Johnny Depp, but not in the same way, you understand. However as they are more readily available to me I find that my relationship with them is more satisfying than the one with Johnny!

Elsie said...

Is this how my friends feel? I skipped the cards this year because there was just too much else to do (having been laid up for three months). I'll be sure to get back to them next Christmas so as not to worry anyone!

Liz said...

Hi Roxan, nice to hear from you.

Welshcakes, I'm glad you finally heard from your cousin. Mary, let's just blame it on the post!

Chris, I wonder if we are long-lost separated-at-birth sisters?!

Elsie, I'm sure the people who know you well and care about you are aware of your health problems this year so will understand. It's just that rich great-aunt who will cut you out of her will!

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