Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the news

Fancy owning your own country? If you have money to spare (in the eight-figure bracket) you might consider making an offer for the Principality of Sealand.
With Prince Roy of Sealand now in his eighties and his son, Prince Michael, having his own business interests in the UK, the family has decided to sell their country.
Sealand was originally a military base, Roughs Tower, situated slightly north of the estuary region of the Thames River, in the international waters of the North Sea. On 2 September 1967, former English major Paddy Roy Bates formally occupied the island, settled there with his family, and proclaimed the island his own state, with its own flag, national anthem, stamps and passports.
Prince Michael, when interviewed on radio 4, described Sealand as 'far from pretty', but mentioned that it would be attractive to some as it had its own laws, and certain activities that could not be undertaken elsewhere, such as online gaming or certain forms of banking, were legal in his country.

Sealand has already proved to be popular with some people. In 1978, a group of German businessmen tried, unsuccessfully, to take over the island for their own use.
Prince Michael also said that although the title of Head of State was not up for sale, he was sure that, if it were important to the purchaser, a title of some form could be agreed upon.
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Why is there about to begin an inquest into the deaths of Diana and Dodi? Haven't we already had one? Plus any number of inquiries, post mortems, law suits, goodness knows what.
And apparently the lady judge is both assistant royal coroner and coroner for Surrey. If she dispenses with a jury, she will need to act as coroner for Surrey. (I think it's something like that.) The thing is, as royal coroner, she will have to ask herself, as Surrey coroner, to take on the case.
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There has been some criticism in the media today of Ruth Kelly, government Minister, for deciding to send her special needs child to a private school for two years. She was advised by professionals that this was the best course of action for her child.
And which of us wouldn't do the same in her position? Governments come and go; policies change - look at New/Old Labour. Her child has one life. Let Ruth Kelly do what is best for that life, and ignore those critics on her own backbenches.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. Like you, I cannot imagine what the point of yet another inquest is.
Poor Harvs - has he finished having a strop yet? Simi sends love.
I disagree re Ruth Kelly: if articulate and informed parents withdraw their children from the state system instead of trying to make it better, what hope is there for anybody else?
By the way, I am having trouble with comments on my own blog. Some have gone astray, I know. I haven't rejected or removed any except a "test" one of my own. So please don't think I'm rejecting any of yours!

Chris said...

To add to the 'Ruth Kelly' comment: especially if you are an ex-minister for education and responsible for doing away with many, many schools for children with 'special needs'.

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