Monday, January 08, 2007

I shouldn't have done that

I just sent a query email to a magazine. As is my wont I recorded it on my work diary. Then I looked back over the lat year. I really shouldn't have done that.

Out of 25 queries or submissions, I had 8 'No reply', 16 rejections and 1 'yes'.

What can I learn from this?

Either give up trying or - and this is what I intend to do - try harder!

Wowee! I have had an instant reply, asking for more details, from the magazine I just approached! It's a start ...


Serena Joy said...

Congrats on your "Yes!" Rejections always outnumber acceptances. It's some kind of warped law of nature. Keep querying!

Steve G said...

Liz, never give up as long as your are having fun with your writing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done, you! I admire your perseverance.

Shirl said...

Well done for persevering Liz. I'm sure the latest venture c/o daughter will work out ok.

Like the Labels - Beta's good, in'it?

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