Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have you submitted your tax return?

A week or so ago I had a phone call from a lady at the tax office. She said she had noticed that I hadn't submitted my tax return yet and was I aware it had to be done by 31st January.

I said yes I did know but it was very kind of her to be concerned and I would write myself a big note to make sure I remembered to do it.

It's nice to think that they take such a personal interest, isn't it?

Now I didn't want to let her down - imagine her disappointment if, come 1st February, she checked and my form wasn't in! - so this afternoon I sat down to do my accounts so accountant, aka Husband, could do the online bit for me.

It took me all of half an hour and the back of an envelope.


My Heart Runneth Over said...

ok... and I thought I was bad at alancing the budget! This looks as nightmarish as my scribbles! lol ~M

Ian Grey said...

I was self-employed for a few years so needed to fill these in.

After several subsequent years of filling in tax returns that didn't tell them anything, I suggested to the tax office that this was wasting both their time and mine.

Surprisingly, they agreed and I haven't had one since...

elsie said...

Oh how I dread the tax man. Happily, ours aren't due until April 15th. If we start now, we just might be finished by then.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I got a reminder call too Liz; but ours aren't due until April 15th. I'm gathering my stuff together, and my daughter and I go in together to get ours done. It's fairly painless...but not totally.

Steve G said...

The good old boys in the US give us until the middle of April. There is never a phone call to remind us.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

For the little while that I was self-employed in the UK, tax returns got me literally suicidal! - I just can't do anything mathematical and I admire anyone who can.

Anna said...

Did the lady, when she called, ask for some identifying information first? A tax man called me and said he needed some identifying details before he could talk to me. I asked him why he wanted to talk to me anyway and he said it was just a courtesy call, but I was very suspicious. I told him I wanted his number so I could check it on the HMRC website. Isn't this a bad way of doing business though, phoning up and asking for personal details before they will speak?? I feel a letter of complaint coming on, too....

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