Thursday, January 25, 2007

The girl from Ipanema

Listening to the radio in the car this morning I heard a programme about the latest health fad: acai juice.

The acai berry comes from the Amazon jungle, is said have amazing health-giving properties, and is the favourite tipple of bronzed Ipanema beach boys.

What should I see on the shelf in Tesco's but a carton of acai juice. After such a build-up I had to buy some, so if I start flexing my pecs and slapping on the baby oil, you'll know what to blame.

Taste note: this particular juice is blended with mango and pineapple and is rather sweet and syrupy


james higham said...

This is the western trap. Take a healthy idea, process it to b---ery, load it with 13 spoons of sugar and 90% water and pretend it's still healthy.

Chris said...

Cor, Sparky - he was the boy with the magic piano, wasn't he? He must have made his fortune with the 'Dalek sound-alike' piano and then hot-footed it to Ipanema to invest his money in fruit juice.

What iS the matter with that bloke in the wheelchair keeping check on the word verification??? He's ALWAYS telling me off for not entering the letters as they are shown when I know perfectly well that I have.

Liz said...

James, this one doesn't have sugar but it does have water, refined fish oil and gelatine in it. Which is rather off-putting.

Chris, I have the same problem with the word verifier: I know I have written the right letters!

Ian Grey said...

Isn't it spooky how you hear of something new on the radio & then suddenly you notice it? & I don't just mean advertising.

It is some sort of cognative resonance...

My Heart Runneth Over said...

Isn't there always something new and special to make you the next boy or girl from Ipanema! Great song!

However why does all that stuff look gross, taste worse, all kinds of painful?!?!

Just curious... that stuff looks thick and yucky but I could be wrong! lol


Lee said...

Better tasting than Aloe Vera juice it seems! Aloe is so good for you but boy, oh, tastes shocking! I think the taste shocks you into health!

Liz said...

M, that stuff is thick and yucky - but I'm trying to persuade myself that it's not!

Lee, I've never tried Aloe Vera but I'll take your word for it! I can't read the words Aloe Vera without putting on a Northern accent and saying, 'Allo, Vera.'

Ian, it is strange how these things happen - more in heaven and earth than something or other ...

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Steve G said...

If you get unexpected results from drining it, please post. I'm talking about good results(grin).

Clare said...

I just got thoroughly confused and missed the reference to Ipanema, and then everyone else commented on it so I knew it wasn't that it just wasn't there... I got there eventually though! (Still watching my punctuation) eewqw = the sound of acai juice going down?

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