Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do I come here often?

I don't know what day it is.

I normally work on a Tuesday but as Husband is off until tomorrow, I swapped and will go in tomorrow instead. That is contributing to the confusion already brought on by Christmas, holidays, children, old age, Tony Blair and any other number of factors.

I hope the effect it's having on my memory is only temporary. Each time I walked out of one room today I forgot where I was going and why. I normally manage to make it into the right room before looking around puzzled.

We took our decorations down today. Normally I wait until Twelfth Night but Husband suggested that, as he was here today, it would be a good idea. Not that he contributes overly. I tend to get a bit maudling when the tree comes down, insisting on having one last night/look before it goes, so doing it spontaneously at least eliminated that.
And one benefit of the post-Christmas clean-up, is finding chocolates under the sofa.

Husband is sitting alongside me as I write this. He is drinking bacardi and coke and reading our Christmas cards - he doesn't usually - aloud. Who's that? he asks. What does this say? Do you still hear from them? I can't read this one. And so on.

He has spent 90% of his Christmas hols doing genealogy. No fantastically interesting discoveries this time although he has determined that I have, on my maternal grandfather's side, an ancestor called Burket Spettigrew (circa 1680).

He did manage to construct a ramp to the back door for Harvs. Who is totally unimpressed and refuses to use it. He now stands next to his ramp and barks to be helped in. Still it's early days; he may get used to it.

Here he's being tempted - unsuccessfully - down the ramp with a treat.

Blogger is doing strange things with the paragraph spacing when I put photos in. Anyone else having that problem?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. Happy New Year again. I, too, get sad when I take the decorations down but I won't do it till Sunday. Glad you at least found some chocs! Harvs is looking good there.

Anna said...

When is twelfth night? And why is there an 'f' in twelfth?

Liz said...

January 6th.

Because there's a V in twelve.

Anna said...

I know there's a V in twelve, but that still doesn't make sense. January 6th - Saturday? Yuck. I hate taking down the decorations. Is Harvey using his ramp yet?

james higham said...

...I hope the effect it's having on my memory is only temporary. Each time I walked out of one room today I forgot where I was going and why...

Don't worry till you start mumbling to yourself.

james higham said...

Anonymous said...

You okay, Liz. It happens to all of us.

Stu said...

Arthur had a round table, the 12th knight was Sir Gawaine. And we all know HE had an F (as in Guinefere ;-)

Beth said...

Hiya Liz, yes, blogger has done that to me with the spacing. I've thought to myself, hmmmm, my spacing wasn't like that before I hit publish......, I just go back into LAYOUT, and backspace on them once, to return to normal. Weird though eh? Bootiful photos of your lovely dog. Beth XX

Liz said...

Mumbling to myself? Mumbling to myself?! As if.

But seems it's not just me.

Blogger keeps asking me for ID and says, 'do you want me to remember this?' and I say, 'yes,' and it promptly forgets.

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