Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Church and chocolate

According to Radio 4, Moscow is experiencing its warmest January since records began. Temperatures are 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. The bears in Moscow are struggling to hibernate and Muscovites are depressed because it's been so long since they saw the sun. Doctors are recommending bananas and chocolate. I can go along with that.

However the Russian Orthodox Church is suggesting that the warm weather might be a punishment from God, and that people might want to repent and pray for snow. (They didn't say 'repent'; I added that because they probably thought it.)

Talking of church, here is the building in which I work.

Alun and I share the office, the window of which you can see above the door. The green colour doesn't look too bad in this picture (or maybe it's because one of the lights in the study isn't working and I'm in half-darkness) but it was fairly universally detested when it was done.

The name on the front and the cross on the wall inside are all that tell people that a church meets here.