Sunday, January 14, 2007

Are you going to tell them pink is for cissies?

For a man to wear pink he must be very secure in his sexuality; for a whole rugby team to wear pink is ... unusual.
We went to watch the Ospreys play Stade Francaise today. By half-time we'd seen more mistakes from the Ospreys then you'd see in an under-10 team game and the French side was leading 16-6; we were wondering if it was worth freezing for the second half.

But it was the old story: I don't know what was said to them at half-time but,in the second half, the Ospreys remembered they were there to play rugby.

The score stood at 19-19 when we had a penalty. The stadium of 13,542 (total 13,550 but that included 8 French supporters ) people went awesomely quiet as James Hook stepped up to take it. As one we held our breath then let it out in excited cheers as the ball sailed over. With five minutes to go the Ospreys were in the lead for the first time in the match.

We were counting down the seconds when Stade Francaise got a penalty inside their own half. Up came the kicker and indicated he was going for goal. Some people settled back comfortable in the certainty that he wasn't going to get this. He did and the game ended up a draw.

It was a crucial game in the Heineken Cup. The Ospreys aren't out now but they've made it very hard for themselves.

But at least they weren't beaten by the boys in pink.

Spot the player sent off for crimes against fashion.


Sportingo said...

Greetings -- I really enjoyed reading your entry on rugby. I thought that your style was hilarious and I could also tell that you know quite a bit about the sport. I would really like to speak with you regarding publishing opportunities.

Clare said...

wow Liz - nice comment...

In rowing, the titans tend to be Leander, who row in (you guessed) baby pink. Durham University Boat Squad (generally believed to be one of the best uni squads in the country, including Cambridge and Oxford) row in lilac. Cambridge (those mighty titans) row in baby blue... It's been said before that maybe this is a demonstration of their manliness...

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