Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The sisterhood would be proud of me

Who needs a repair-man when you've got a Phillips screwdriver?

Actually I do, but I know what's wrong.

I took the top off the washing-machine - having first switched off the electricity which is more than husband would do - and dug in. I figured something holding the tub must have worked loose. It hadn't. It all looked fine.

Then I tipped it up and, what do you know? The bottom had fallen out of its world. (I'd like to say it was my intention to tip it up and look underneath but it happened accidentally as I was pushing the machine back under the work-surface.)

But at least I know what the problem is. It might even be something that husband can fix when he gets home at the weekend. If he gets home.

He is not in his usual hotel this week; he is staying in a zoo, complete with animal noises in the corridor. I have told him not to lean too far out of the window; I would not like him to be eaten by a tiger.

After all, who would mend my washing-machine then?