Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam sentenced

The US government declares it a good day; the British government says Iraqi justice has been done.

And a man will be hung by his neck until he is dead - in my name. My country intervened, sent soldiers to free Iraq and to bring Hussein to justice. And Iraqi justice means death.

There is no doubt Saddam is a wicked man responsible for hideous crimes but the death penalty is a violation of humanity.

I know many will disagree; they will say he deserves it. Yes, he deserves it, but aren't we better than he is?


Elsie said...

Some will say your point of view, which I share, is unpatriotic. There is no patriotism tied to death, as best I can figure. I just can't believe in that "eye for an eye" thing. The death penalty never seems right to me, even for Saddam.

Anonymous said...

The evidence before my eyes on the tv news last night was the rantings of a very sick man...and who gets the job of carrying out the sentence? Never, never, never! But we are in the minority though we feel we must be counted.

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