Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One for the girls' eyes only

The most comments I've ever received came when I wrote about bras so this time I'm dealing with knickers.

Does anyone else choose their knickers based on what they're planning to do that day?

There's a variety in the drawer to choose from. There are the comfy ones, the sexy ones, the sporty ones, and the ones to wear when there're absolutely no other clean ones in the house. Choose the wrong one and I'm in trouble.

Choose the comfy ones when I'll be doing circuits later and I'm destined to spend the class trying - and failing - to surreptitiously pull them back up my bottom from where they've sidled down to my thighs. It's impossible to be surreptitious in shorts.

Choose sporty, close-fitting ones for an evening (three hours) sitting in a hot theatre and it's hard to remain focused on the production, however good it is.

Choose the no-choice ones at any time and I'd better be planning to spend the day alone indoors.

And who are the sexy ones for? Husband? I'm pleased to say he doesn't really need them. Me? Yes, they make me feel good. And that gives me confidence. Perhaps I should go and buy some more!

But I'm not even going to consider the manifestly-male-designed comfort-free thong.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I agree - I draw the line at a thong! As for knickers, I'll pick any pair out of the drawer as long as they're black!

Elsie said...

Knickers, what a great word! We call them underwear or panties, except for the dreaded thong which is simply the dreaded thong (and truthfully I used to wear them, but those days are long gone). My favorite now is the "body shaper." Ever tried one of those? You pull and push and squeeze and tug, but once you get the fool thing on, you look pretty great. Sucks everything in, in all the right places. Super under the little black dress. Comfortable? No. But worth it for special occasions. For everyday wear, I'll choose anything that won't leave the VPL!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, unmentionables. The very foundation of a good day. Or not. I would think that thongs would cause bad days. I've never tried one, and won't; I hate wedgies. Hmmm. I don't like cotton knit knickers; they get too hot. I don't like baggy knickers; they, too, ride up and cause wedgies. I don't like too-tight knickers; too confining. Therefore, I threw out all my old delicates and stocked up on nice, silky feeling knickers with a wide lace band, in a variety of colors (since one must be sensitive to one's mood). Not too loose, not too tight, just right. Ahhhh.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Where DID Borat get that mega-thong?

Anonymous said...

Has to be a thong every time sorry girls although french knickers are nice as well (not that ive worn ether) but im a man what do i know as boxers are allwas good for my self. although whats this problem that you have with lines blame the fashon industry for making things to tight comfort over fashion every time.

M.E Ellis said...

I'm the kind of girl who wears comfortable ones, and doesn't buy new ones until the elastic has broken and they fall down.

I also own some belly warmers, for the days when I wear a skirt.


Frilly fancy ones itch my arse cheeks so I'm afraid they are a no go!


Bernita said...

I prefer to call them "under silkies."

Liz said...

I am definitely going blacker in most things these days, Welshcakes. Slimming, y'know.

I have worn a body shaper, Elsie, but these days everything just pushes up out over the top!

Serena, that is what i want: comfy, silky, alluring. Yes, definitely.

Stu, Thongs-R-Us.

AS you say, Eifion, you are a man so you know nothing.

ME, I'm the same with lacy ones - itchy! And there are levels of loose elastic; some are fine for under trousers - as long as you're planning on moving anywhere fast!

Hi Bernita, you look like an elegant under-silkies sort of lady.

DellaB said...

Hi Liz - I've just clicked over from Steve G's place... hmmm, I've never told this before, but my very favourite knickers are the ones I buy in a pack of 4 from the MENS department. Little jockettes made of all cotton - if I buy the same style in ladies they cost 3 times the price and fall apart a lot quicker.

I don't wear tight clothes or have any need to look 'sexy' - comfort is everything - but I do have some 'body-slimmers' for wearing under skirts...

Nice to meet you - I'll be back too for a good read through your blog...

Anonymous said...

One must always follow the advice given by our mothers and grandmothers about wearing clean and nice knickers! One never knows when a bus might come along filled with handsome firefighters! ;)

As for the 'thongs' or g-strings...count me out on them. I tried them once and gave up on them immediately!

Clare said...

I will confess to having two of the unmentionables, mainly because last year I appeared on stage in a white all-in-one leotard and, well, nothing else would do!
Yes I have different knickers depending on whether I have to get changed for dancing or not (no one wants to be hopping around in a pair of purple holey "emergency" knickers, now do they?)

Liz said...

The handsome firefighters I hadn't thought about! French knickers here I come!

The jockettes sound good too, Della. Good to see you both.

Liz said...

I'm so glad other people have 'emergency' knickers!

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