Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Old and young ladies

I've just returned from sitting with Little Miss A for a few hours while her mummy had to go out to work. My sitting coincided with Little Miss A's lunch, which would have been fine if I hadn't overheated it because I couldn't work the microwave, meaning she had to wait a long time for it.

But she tucked in heartily in the end and then, after a cuddle to send her to sleep, I put her down in her cot. Which is where my dilemma happened.

I'd forgotten, or not thought, to ask Mummy how Little Miss A was to be laid in her cot. When my children were babies, 'they' told mothers to lie their infants on their fronts or their sides; I'm fairly sure 'they' have changed their minds now and encourage a lying-on-back position, which is what I used for Litle Miss A.

Then I spent the next half hour running up and down the stairs, to make sure she was still breathing. She was.

I wonder how I ever got any sleep or anything done when my children were babies.

Got home to discover one wet son. Wet and grumpy. Wet, grumpy and feeling poorly. Betty had broken down and he had had to walk home - in a t-shirt - in the rain. I called out the rescue men and Younger Son was even grumpier when he realised I was going to make him go back and wait in Betty to be rescued.

The joys of old cars.

P.S. Younger Son managed to get her started of her own accord in the end, but I am keeping out of his way for the rest of the evening.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Younger son has learned one of life's important lessons early :-)

Always keep suitable supplies and clothing in the car (if not on you) should the car break down. For my friends in Alaska this means 2 sweaters and a parka and always a mobile phone. For my friends in Namibia it means having 4 litres of drinking water and a sunshade in the car. Given UK weather, in his case, a pair of swimming trunks might be de rigeur.

Of coarse(sic) at his age it's probably good sense to keep 'emergency' contraceptives in the glove box ;-)

Liz said...

Excuse me! This is my car we're talking about. He is only allowed to use it because I'm nice.

Elsie said...

My baby, who is almost 12, was among the first "Back to Sleep" babies. I always wished he could sleep on his tummy because I remember how cute some friends' babies looked when sleeping with their little bottoms stuck up in the air. But since doctor said it was far more safe for baby to sleep on his back, that's what we did. And like most new moms, I checked his breathing repeatedly throughout his first year. Is that why I'm still so tired?

Steve said...

We never had the pleasure of figuring out which side to lay them on. Can't say I miss it. Smile

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