Thursday, November 23, 2006

My new washing-machine has arrived!

Although it nearly didn't!

The delivery van pulled up outside. There was a long pause. Then the phone rang. 'Mrs Hinds, this is Currys delivery; we've got your washing-machine.'
'We're outside 209 and we can't find 208.'
'There isn't a 209; you're outside 208.'
'No, we're outside 209.'
'You're outside 208, with the white Beetle.'

They were not happy men. We have steep steps up to our front door. 'This is the heaviest make of washing-machine there is,' they grumbled.
'That's because they're built to be reliable - so you won't need to come back here again in a hurry.' My attempt at consoling words didn't seem to console them.

Now I just have to wait for the weekend and for husband to be home to plumb it in for me. Then I'll be able to start on the mountain of washing that has built up. Oh goody. How three of us create so much washing is beyond my understanding.


Steve said...

Almost like Christmas. Well, maybe not quite the same. Smile

Anonymous said...

New washing machines make you wonder how you managed with the old one for so long. Like new vaccuum cleaners too. Hope the mound of laundry goes down fast and you get some drying hours over the weekend Liz.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The last time I bought a new washing machine in the UK it was from Curry's and I paid to have it delivered and plumbed in by them. It came very late and they discovered the hole through my cupboards to the plumbing-in-thing wasn't wide enough for the new washing machine's pipes. I asked them if they could widen it but oh, no, that wasn't in their remit. I understood this but I'd have been prepared to sign a disclaimer. It wouldn't have taken them 2 minutes. I ended up having to pay a handyman to do it and then a plumber to come and plumb the machine in. Here delivery services for anything like that are good: they will give you a precise time and also ring you when they are on the way. Happy washing!

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