Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I told you so

I was right to worry: my washing came out dirtier than it went in.

I took it out, wiped out the machine and decided I'd better try washing the towels - which were covered in brown streaks - again.

I set it running; fifteen minutes later I noticed the laundry basket full of towels sitting next to the washing-itself machine.

Forget washing machines and hot-water-bottles: I think I have more cranially-located problems to concern me.

Harvey just came running (okay, walking hurriedly) out of the kitchen with the washing machine in hot pursuit. I shouldn't laugh ... but his face!

I shouldn't have laughed: the washing machine just flooded the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Um, Liz. Stop. No more washing machine-ing for you today. Call a plumber. Buy a new washer. Consider taking your clothes to the nearest fluff-n-fold laundromat (you have those in Wales, right?). Back away from the machine. ;-)

Poor Harvs.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You do make it sound pretty funny Liz...but, I know it's a royal pain. My washing machine vibrates like crazy, but it isn't chasing anyone around the room...yet. As far as forgetting to load the washer...we've all done stuff like that. Sorry about the flooding...

Anonymous said...

Handy Tip: You can claim for flooded kitchen flooring on your home insurance. It might help soften the blow - they'll also send a firm in with dehumidifyers if needed. I know!

Sorry, maryb, launderettes are a near-extinct breed in the UK...unless Liz knows better...

Anonymous said...

Hope your next flood doesn't come from your hot water bottle!!!

Clare said...

Shirls comment about flooding kitchens made me think about the current "issues" we have in my house (home, as opposed to uni house). Apparently, for sometime (perhaps 12 months or more) we've had a slow drip under our kitchen sink. My mum is currently having the entire kitchen replaced (for free!), and, as the drip had leaked into the dining room next door, that done too...And the whole house hums with the sound of the dehumidifiers!! Hmm long comment, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Last-house-but-one of previous marriage - washer pipes under floor slowly, steadily caused heave - ie they leaked underfloor and made an underground swimming pool we didn't know about.So, like Clare's family, we had new kitchen and ground floor redecoration on the insurance.

Not to be recommended though. Washing machines can be evil little terrors but don't we miss them when they get poorly?

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