Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am worried

And with just cause I think.

a) the washing machine just danced across the kitchen floor;
b) my hot water bottle is shedding itself from the inside.


Anna said...

The Harvey movie isn't working...

Liz said...

No, it's stopped streaming; I stopped paying.

I was right to be worried: my clothes have come out dirtier than they went in.

Anonymous said...

1. I have a dancing washer, too. Just open it up and reposition the wet clothes - even 'em out a little. Should be fine.
2. Yuck. No answer for that one, darlin', except rush out to Boots and get a new one.

(And I have one of the longest word verifications I've ever seen!)

Steve said...

I can relate to this. We bought a new washer some years back. The company delivered it and set it up on the cinder block stand in the basement. I told my wife I would check it out when I got home from work. She couldn't wait to try it out. It only took a couple of minutes before it jumped off of the blocks on to the floor. When I got home and looked at the instructions, it said to remove the locking bolts on the inside of the drum before using. She felt bad, but I never said a bad word to her. Smile

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