Thursday, November 23, 2006

How weird am I?

I've been tagged for this game by Serena. The rules are as follows:
1. Write six weird things about yourself.
2. Post this confession of the absurd on your blog.
3. Tag six other bloggers to do the same challenge.
4. Leave a comment on each of their blogs to inform them they have been chosen.

Six weird things about me? I can't think of anything weird. Ho hum, think, think.

Okay, I've got three.

1. Serena talks about clocks. For years I have wanted a clock that ticks for my living-room. A clock ticking in an otherwise silent room is incredibly peaceful and soothing. As long as it is the right speed. Finding a clock that ticks, let alone at the right speed and rhythm and loudness, is very hard to do. It doesn't have to tell the right time, just tick.

2. I hate the number 7. The sound and spelling of it. I will avoid it wherever possible.

3. There are other numbers, mainly odd ones, I don't like so when I write a post, rather than put the right time on it, I will put the nearest time that I like the look of. For instance, I wouldn't post a post at 2.27 but would call it 2.25. However I don't mind 7 o'clock. 7.17 though - urgh!

What else?

I have consulted Daughter. She suggested that eating cold baked beans could be considered weird but I don't think so. However ...

4. I have six toes and a bent little finger.

5. The Guinness Book of Records turned down my request to be recognised as recipient of the fastest manuscript rejection in history (ten minutes).

6. At one time I was the only girl in a surf club and I won the prize draw of a new surfboard.

Now I tag: Holly, Hershey, Bailey, Simi, Frieda, Clare.


Anonymous said...

I think I've told you before Liz, both my little fingers are exactly like yours. It's a family trait which has gradually reduced in severity since I acquired it. One PE teacher noticed and wondered if I might have them both broken and reset one day. Quite how she thought that would make me any better at netball and hockey, I've no idea. And, so far, I've resisted the urge to visit Harley Street.

And - you are not weird. You are unique. Pronounced 'yoo-nee-kyoo'.

Liz said...

I didn't know you had WElsh blodd in you too, Shirl! We're both you-nee-kyo.

There could be something in your PE teacher's comments though: I was very bad at netball and hockey.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I eat cold baked beans too! I like the Guiness Book of Records story! Simi says she will do the game in a minute. She also says "Hello, Harvey. Thanks for the comment. Wags."

Clare said...

Oh, my first tag. I'm touched!!

Anonymous said...

you not wierd at all liz the othere gifts you have been given are so great that when you were made that they forgot to check the rest of the mold be you were released to the world, your use of writing is fantastic so i dont think you are wierd

Anonymous said...

Nahhhhh, you're not that weird. Except maybe for that cold baked beans thing. LOL. And perhaps the seven aversion. 7 is one of my lucky numbers. Otherwise, you seem pretty normal to me. :)

Hey, congratulations on the new washing machine!

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