Monday, November 13, 2006

Hippy hippy shake

We went to a party on Saturday night. I hadn't really planned what to wear but assumed I would don my standard black evening-ish skirt, which is what I did. Only to find I could hardly do it up!

That was not a nice thing to discover, especially the night before one's birthday when one would almost certainly have to eat to excess.

People talk about weight going to their hips: mine goes to my left hip. I blame the children for that. Years of carrying babies and toddlers around on my left hip is what did it, I'm sure.

Having resolved to go on a serious diet from Monday (today) I did what any self-respecting woman would do in the circumstances. Put on a low-cut top thus drawing attention to my ample cleavage rather than my ample hip.

The diet didn't start awfully well today as we had to eat the croissants left over from my breakfast in bed. But I'm definitely on it now - as long as I can avoid the clotted cream left in the fridge.

It's not only Christmas but a wedding coming so I have the incentive and the will but do I have the power?


Steve said...

Liz, posting has been a problem, but I think I have a temporty solution. I'll log in as other or anonymous.


Anonymous said...

The first one was other. Now for Anonymous.


Elsie said...

Cleavage? Oh no. Oh my. What else can a self-respecting woman do? I swear I'm becoming that dreaded pear shape more and more each day ;)

Anonymous said...

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