Thursday, November 16, 2006

Days of wine and brie

When I wrote the Zac's post I forgot to mention something important.

I told Tony that I helped in the prison with Sunday services, 'but sometimes I wonder if there's any point me being there. Let's face it, I have very little in common with the men; how can I connect with them? Bring them anything of value?'

Without hesitating Tony said, 'You have a degree. You've stuck at education; you've persevered, achieved something. You've got that to offer.'

I'd never thought of it like that before. I've always tended to consider my degree in oceanography as second-class as it was - as my father-in-law says, 'You don't even know what time the tide is in!' - but seen through his eyes it becomes an achievement. Thank you, Tony.

With a degree in oceanography and a Phillips screwdriver, the world will be my cockle.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Most of the bikers seem to have machines of 900 or 1000 cc; I wonder how they'd cope on a European tour on a 175 cc bike.

European tour is a bit grand: it was only France and Spain. Oh, yes, and Andorra. My then-boyfriend, on whose bike we were travelling, had done a field trip to Andorra and wanted to re-visit the family he had stayed with. That done we headed off down the Pyrennees.

Did I mention that as well as us the bike had to carry all our camping gear? So we're trundling down the mountains and we pull into a layby to admire the view. A car pulls in behind us; the driver leans out, 'Do you know that you dropped your tent back up the mountain?'
'Did we? Gee thanks.'


Anonymous said...

the fact that you are there shows you have something in common with the men (god) who we love also it is better to look at you than the thought of blossom chasing lions away from the lambs food . L&R Eifion

Elsie said...

Wow, Liz. A degree in Oceanography is highly sought after here. At the University of Rhode Island (I'd put in a link if I knew how; try googling to see), Oceanography is one of the most difficult programs into which you can be accepted. Supposedly, it's one of the premiere Oceanography programs in the US. Point is, absolutely nobody here would think your degree is second-class. First class all the way, just like you, Liz. Perhaps you should consider jumping the pond and lend us your experience!

Anna said...

Where did the wine and brie go?

Anonymous said...

You do know that our new Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, has an Oceanography degree, right? She did get to put the degree to good use, often theonly woman working on research vessels.

So Liz, you never know what that Oceanography degree will lead to!

(And I, too, am impressed!)

Steve said...

Liz, I'm impressed. Oceanography is something. Dropping a tent off a motorcycle is something even I could do. Smile

Liz said...

Thank you!
Back in the dark ages when I did my degree the only places in the UK employing oceanographers were the British Antarctic Survey (too cold) and oil rigs (ditto plus I was told there were no doors on toilets on oil rigs).

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I was gping to say, more or less, what Eifon has said: you obviously care about the men and that is why your presence is important.
I, too, am impressed with your degree in oceanography so don't knock it!
I love the expression, "the world is my cockle"!

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