Wednesday, November 01, 2006

C'mon the Ospreys!

It was Tina's birthday yesterday. She came round and we had a birthday tea with jelly and Krispy Cakes and sausages on sticks. My jelly rabbit was variously described as resembling a human organ or roadkill but I notice it didn't stop anyone eating it.

Our youth cafe is open again this week (half-term) as a community cafe. I've been in to help today and until we had a lunchtime rush - of four people - our only customer was the local tramp who doesn't pay. He enjoyed his cup of tea and date flapjack though.

Now I must try not to make myself sick on leftover party food. Two bowls of trifle for lunch isn't excessive, is it?

Tonight Younger Son and I are off to see the Swansea-Neath Ospreys take on the might of Australia. As there's a rugby international on Saturday the Ospreys won't be playing their top players but I had hoped that Justin Marshall, their scrum half who hails from New Zealand, would be playing - he is worth watching and not just for his rugby skills - but I'm told he's injured. I am most disappointed.


Steve G said...

Looks like a group who are enjoying themselves. You have left over party food, I have left over Halloween candy.

Liz said...

What do German children say instead of trick or treat?

Steve G said...

They say suss or sauer, sweet or sour. One year a few showed up and just said Halloween. Didn't have many last night compared to last year.

Elsie said...

Surely this will seem like a stupid question to you, but who is Tina? And happy birthday to her!!!

Liz said...

Tina's my friend, the lady in red at the back of the group. She's been through a diffciult time recently so it was good to see her enjoying herself.

Anonymous said...

Ospreys 24-16 Australia - happy?

Liz said...

Very! You?

Anonymous said...

T'was me, accidentally not signed in!

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