Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas decorations with a difference

Found this photo on - whose blog was it? I'll have to check and report back. Spot the pizza slice and the Harley.

Thrive circuit training was hard tonight but I was pleased that it included boxing. That meant that I was able to restrain myself from going and slapping a certain person. Hard. With a baseball bat.

I'm not usually a violent person you understand but some people's actions would make Ghandi pick up a gun.


Steve said...

It was Granny J's blog. She had lots of color on the post.

Ghandi, pick up a gun. That must be one annoying person.

Liz said...

That's right, Steve. I follow up lots of links from your blog - you have some interesting ones.

Oh he is, not to me, but hurting someone I care about.

Anonymous said...

We went Christmas decoration shopping yesterday (we 'made do' with all mine lest year, our first Xmas, but it's time to add to the family) and could not find anything remotely festive! It was all flashing lights and garishness. So untraditional. We bought some more gold tinsel to deck the pictures on the walls and a couple of Merry Chritmas plaques to hang in the windows - to greet visitors, neighbours and passing strangers because you can't do much else in a flat!

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