Sunday, September 17, 2006

What the world has been waiting for!

It just didn't know it.

First there was Mrs Dale's Diary; then came Bridget Jones's. Now we're delighted to announce the safe delivery of Alison Turner's.

Alison is an about-to-be-fifty-year-old divorcee. She likes neither prospect. In her diary she records her innermost thoughts about life, ex-husbands, the bimbo, and the fact that manufacturers of skin care products for the over-fifties, in the design of their labels, have not taken into consideration the fact that with increasing age comes decreasing eye-sight.

You can listen to the first chapter of Alison's diary, beginning on the eve of her fiftieth birthday, over on Jellycast NOW!

It's about 28 minutes of listening time in all, but Alison (and I) would be really pleased if some people listened to at least some of it and reported back their thoughts.


rob said...

very good - and very flash!

Can't help but think there might be some truth in the bits about the son? (neil, of course)...

look forward to the next chapter(saves reading)

Chris said...

Has now been downloaded to my ipod via iTunes. Will listen to it and report back.

Liz said...

Obviously I have to take some inspiration from life!

Hope you enjoy, Chris. In fact i hope you think it's bfastjc!

Elsie said...

I've tried several times to download it, but something just won't work for me. Sounds like something I'd enjoy. Sigh.

Liz said...

Thanks for trying anyway, Elsie.

Liz said...

Son suggested that you right-click the 'download here' link on the right and save it to your computer, Elsie.

I assume you have Windows Media Player or Real or something that will play it?

If a number of people have the same problem, I'll have to query it with Jellycast.

Chris said...

That Helen Fielding had better watch out!!!

Very good, Liz, most enjoyable and I lok forward to a few more readings.

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