Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You'll like this - but not a lot

Number two son is coming home from university today. He is halfway through his second year and he is rethinking his future.

It's something of a family custom; in fact, he has done well to last this long: daughter decided first choice university wasn't for her after fourteen hours.

The main problem I foresee with him coming home is the fact that his bed is covered in bathroom accessories. Daughter is coming home - just for the night - tomorrow so can't move everything into spare room so will have to move it into son one's room - and hope he doesn't come home until the bathroom is finished.

It is taking a long time, you're right. But it's well on its way now. Just because you can't move on the landing for workmen's tools and bits of shower doesn't mean there's been no progress. If the camera worked, I'd show you, but like most things in this house, it's not performing very well.

The plasterer (tiler) has just arrived and broken some bad news to me: we are a border tile short. This might not sound much but of all the tiles in all the world, it had to be a border tile that we're missing! The ordinary wall tiles (large white plain) cost about £1 each; the border tiles (small white with a few shiny blobs) cost £4 each. And only come in boxes of 5. The noise you can hear is the sound of my teeth being ground together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks to Jo Moore I have been reading Paul Daniels' blog - yes, the Paul Daniels. Okay, I know that's fairly sad but I was curious. He comes over as less unbearable than on television. I wonder who else has blogs.

I have just found a blog directory, so excuse me a moment while I go and enrol.