Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two things are worrying me

1) I am doing a jigsaw and I have a mouth left over. This suggests that I have made a basic error somewhere. Like putting hands where a mouth should be.

2) My computer is cheeping. Husband spotted this at the weekend but I insisted it was a bird outside - it is very realistic.


Sweet Shirleen said...

We once had an odd cheaping sound in the house, turned out the cat was doing impressions....honestly!

Liz said...

That makes me feel better about the computer!

Ella said...

My bicycle cheaps too. It annoys some people, but I like it, particularly as my bicycle is a BIRDY.

Chris said...

My mobile phone cheeps when I have a text message. Because I don't use it very often I usually hear it and think 'wow, the birds are awake late tonight, don't they sound lovely'. When I'm in bed and can still hear it (yes it's very loud) realisation slowly sinks in and I have to then get up just to stop the cheeping and also make sure the message wasn't terribly urgent.
(Verification is 'sqkrcl' which is a noise that MY computer sometimes makes!)

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