Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shiko and sex

While waiting for husband's phone call last night I went blog-browsing. From a link on a link I came across a blog called 'Girl with a one track mind'. Well, I didn't know what it was going to be! It sounded more interesting than 'Cars, trains and planes' and 'All you ever wanted to know about quantum mechanics'.

I shall be more cautious in future. It was not the sort of thing a woman of tender sensibilities should read last thing at night. Or any time. I blush just to think of it.

So, drumming. I almost kept up last night. Even though we were doing complicated rhythms (that is such a hard word to spell!) I managed the basics.

They are an interesting bunch. The manic dwarf had removed his hat and I almost didn't recognise him. Then there's the Miss-Marple music teacher, the gorgeous woodturner, the rugby-shirted beer-drinking in-need-of-Trinny&Suzannah social worker, the moody French mademoiselle, the shiny-pated struggler, the must-be-an-ex-addict-turned-university-student, lots of others, and me, of course. And nearly all of them smoke!

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