Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Other people's blogs

I've been reading blogs and I notice a lot are very intelligent. Or intellectual. Not necessarily the same thing or at the same time. Reading my blog, you wouldn't think that I had a Master's degree; you'd probably be surprised to discover that I had more than five O-levels (for younger readers, they came before GCSEs). It surprises me too. And don't be misled by the Master's; the course was a doddle. A three-legged wombat in a bow tie could have got through.

But to get back to the point, it's time this blog got a bit of class about it. I should quote from a book, preferably a philosophical one, wise words about birth, death and the in-between bit. I shall go and see what I can find.

Okay, these are the best I can do.

I never intended to buy a dog. I was actually going to buy some cat food.
From Kitchen Blues by Rabbi Lionel Blue

Truth is, I didn't think for a minute she'd jump. For one thing she was wearing a four-hundred-dollar jacket. You just don't jump off a bridge in a four-hundred-dollar jacket. It isn't done. The jacket would get ruined. Carol was from the Burg, just like me, and in the Burg you gave the jacket to your sister and then you jumped off the bridge.
From Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

Which just goes to prove that everyone needs a dog, and committing suicide takes planning. I should have more to say than that but I am full of ice cream pie.

Incidentally if you enjoy a book with lots of laughs, try the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. About a bounty hunter in New Jersey. First one is One for the Money.