Monday, March 20, 2006

Men in skirts

On Saturday Scotland played Italy in Rome. I am in Wales so I have no idea why the village was full of men in kilts. Not that I'm objecting: I like a man in a kilt.

Husband asked if I would like him to dig out his princess skirt; I said no. A man in a skirt is NOT the same as man in a kilt. I don't know why. Maybe it's the knees peeking out above the long woolly socks that are so fetching.

I mentioned my fondness for men in kilts to my fellow team members at the pub quiz last night. The chair of Linden's trustees told us Scottish men wear tartan shorts under their kilts: to keep their tackle in check, he said (although he used a different word for tackle). The joke had to be explained to me and Mr D.

We came joint fourth in the quiz. It was a good job we weren't joint first as our tie-break answer would have come into play. When was the Guardian first published? Any ideas? I'll give you a clue: we were about 150 years out.

In prison in the morning. I wasn't supposed to be but I guess that's what they all say. Kristina and I did pretty well, I think, considering we had been let down by all our (male) musicians. However must remember not to sing Love Divine again. The choice was made for us and only about three people sang. Including a lad on the front row who had the voice of an angel. I thanked him at the end, saying, 'I don't know what we would have done without you.'
He said, 'God always provides.' That's not the sort of thing you expect an inmate to say.

It doesn't do to wonder what they're in there for, especially those in the segregated unit. I look at their faces and think, what happened?

It's so easy to make the wrong choices. We were talking about that yesterday. There but for the grace of God is a very true aphorism. The trouble with sin is that it's so tempting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yet another bad weekend for Welsh and English rugby fans. But, at least, Wales lost with style and hope for the future. Stephen Jones was suggested as a future captain on Scrum V; that would be an excellent choice.

Apparently Alfie had a minor stroke (a ruptured artery in his neck). Doctors have said he can play again but maybe it's time to put away the gum shield. Incidentally I thought it was his gum shield that was decorated to make it look as if he had big gaps in his teeth; it's not. He has big gaps in his teeth.