Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am a genius!

I have put a link on my blog! All on my own with no help. So go visit the British Bloggers' Directory and add your blog. And tell them I sent you.

So, where was I?

Didn't go to Slimming World for weighing on Monday. I felt too fat and couldn't face a second consecutive week of weight gain. Having resolved to do better this week, I sat down to lasagne and ice cream pie yesterday. But that's not a problem. No, it's fine. It's only Wednesday now. I still have six days to go before weighing so it'll be fine. It will be.

On another topic: tumble dryers eat socks. Not in the way that washing machines do i.e. swallowing them whole, but bit by bit. They nibble away at them, munch, munch, chew, chew, usually starting at the ankle and then slowly gobbling their way through until the whole heel is devoured. If I'd spotted it before I could have saved my Snoopy socks from their fate but it's too late now. I may simply offer them to the tumble dryer as a gesture of goodwill and in the hope that they will satisfy its appetite, at least for the time being.

On yet another topic: does anyone else ignore boring-looking mail? I don't just mean those envelopes addressed 'To the Householder', but anything in a white-windowed frame. I shouldn't, I know, but life's too short to bother with paperwork.