Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Hunger Site

My brother-in-law sent me a link to the Hunger Site (click on a button and a cup of food is donated to the hungry). Because Outlook wouldn't let the link through to me, I googled it and found, as well as a variety of hunger sites, a criticism.

Basically it says that donating food in this way doesn't help and may even be doing harm. Any thoughts from anyone?

In the past I visited the Hunger Site (and also free mammogram site) daily but drifted off as I do with my short interest span.

Life is never simple.


rob hinds said...

my former flatmate andy did his dissertation on something similar - saying that the church was hindering the plight of asylum seekers in the uk, because their small regular donations and shelter means they can survive but doesnt do anything to bring about change and the root of the problem, and, often actually slows down change

Sweet Shirleen said...

I don't agree.(sorry) If we all stopped doing our little bit would the Govt get up and do it for us? I don't believe so.

Anonymous said...

I also daily clicked the Breast Cancer site for quite a long time but the commercialisation ie spam emails was a nuisance and I stopped, saying to myself I can always start again another time. Right attitude? Undoubtedly not but if we all got it right all the time, we'd all be saints. We know we aren't.

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