Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How dare he?!

Daughter is being bullied by a stupid old man from a business association in Exeter. He has made her cry. I would like to beat and kick and pummel him until he begs for mercy. How dare he? (How unprofessional is he?)

What makes a man think it's okay to yell down the phone at a young woman for half an hour?

I was in a bad mood before; now I am positively murderous. You don't mess with a mother and her cubs - especially not a mother with hormonal disquiet.


Tanie said...

It is always advisable to treat a Dragon Mother with the greatest of respect, believe me I'm right there with you on that one.

What a coward of a snivelly piece of manhood the Exeter Businessman is. Sounds to me like he is a failed businessman. Hardly a businessman of any repute or competence.

Just think how clever your daughter is that her dealings with him reduced him to be unable to communicate effectively. How sad is he that his only response to his inability to deal with the situation was to lash out verbally.

It's hardly clever, and never professional, to make someone cry. The clever and indeed professional thing would be to assist the caller to understand the situation, positive or negative.

Anyway....go momma......

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