Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Don't speak to me!

I put on half a pound last week!

I had a good eating week and I still put on weight! I hate everything and everyone. It is a good job Alun is not in the office this morning.

Bah, humbug.


jodes da princess said...

I fully sympathise. despite becoming veggie, stopping my chocolate habit and eating no crisps whatsoever I have steadily put on weight since christmas.

to add insult to injury we have weekly weigh ins at work because one of the girls is tryin to PUT ON weight, weighing, as she does, less than 6 stone 6 STONE!! I havebt weighed that since I hit my teens!

I am considering taking up smoking and coke to loose weight since my healthy diet clearly doesnt work!

Liz said...

Six stone! Now that's not healthy.

And I've just discovered that we have no milk in work so I can't have a cup of tea - can you hear my voice rising as I type that?

jodes da princess said...

I hate those days. may as well pack up and leave now cos you wont get anything done without a brew!