Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day 5

This is the fifth day of Lent and my fifth day without computer games. It is incredibly hard sitting in front of a computer and not bringing up a game to play. I have read so many blogs, visited so many websites and done the daily jigsaw so many times (it doesn't count as a game) that my eyes are going funny. It would be so easy just to click onto Spider Solitaire. And who would know? Or who would care? Except me.

Got told off in drum circle for wearing a ring while playing a djembe. I forgot to bind it up in Velcro. Not Velcro, that stuff you put over plasters to stop them coming undone. Microporous tape, that's it. Quite similar to velcro. It was a long-haired gentleman of oriental appearance who told me off, not one of my group. I just banged sticks together instead.

Somebody brought along a Hang, which is rather like a stuck-together lidded wok, but which sounds wonderful. A bit like real tuned wind chimes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

WE watched Wallace abd gromit and the Curse of the were=Rabbit last night. I had nightmares after it. You see how bad my typing is before I correct everything? I have clumsy fingers; I am not a bad speller. Not unless something has double letters in it. I struggle a lot with double letters especially rrrrrs and llllllllls. However I have noticed that the Time Traveler's Wife is spelled with one l. I think that must be American. I would check if I could find my glasses. I remember: I took them in the kitchen so I could read the instructions on the new little thingy for the pressure cooker lid. No wonder old people eat simple food like potatoes and chops: you don't have to read any instructions for those. Yip, I was right: traveler is American. So why have they used it in British editions?


Tim Oakes said...

You seem as bored as I am. I'm currently writing an assignment on how to measure vibrations, pressures and temperatues in a generator. Rocket Science is not as cool as it sounds! Off to make coffee to kill time

Liz said...

Excuse me, I am re-writing my novel. Having been turned down by more people than play lacrosse in Wales it was time for a re-think.

Oh, my thumb nail tastes sugary.

Now do some work or it'll be a 2:2 for you.

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