Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogging women

Husband has been doing some research - for work he said - on blogging and its use in marketing. His comments - basically that I am too old and too female to be a blogger - made me google some stats.

Most of the numbers I found were targeted at American business, however, it appears husband is right. "Bloggers are primarily male, young, broadband users, long-time internet users, relatively well-off financially and well educated."

I am an oddity. But then so are Shirl and Maryb and CHM.

In fact, in my admittedly small blogging community, 66.66 recurring % are female, with 33.33 rec % being females over the age of 35. And it is that 33.33 % that does the most blogging. So ptthhh to statistics. Women rule the blogs!