Thursday, September 29, 2005


This was the homely raft spotted off the west Wales coast last week.
My first thought on waking this morning was: drumming class tonight. It's my first one and my initial enthusiasm hasn't waned so much as it's been tempered with trepidation. I have the timing of John Sampson and my co-ordination is even worse. I am liable to make a fool of myself.

But does that matter as long as I enjoy it? My reason for learning is my inability to stand still when music is playing. Maybe I should do dancing instead. Oh, that's right, Harvey, I already do dancing. And look how good I am at that.

It matters not. If this is a midlife crisis, bring it on.

It is a glorious autumn morning. The storm of last night has passed and a squirrel is nibbling a nut at the top of the steps. Charlie, who is sitting on the windowsill, does not like that one bit. She and Harvey shared my salmon last night. (What? You gave her some too? Harvey is sulking now.)

A strange phenomenon has occurred: I cleaned the lounge on Monday and today, Thursday, it is still tidy. I am amazed every time I go in there.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wow, I'm sooo clever!

So I've created a blog. Not without some difficulty I must say. I cannot believe that someone else with my name has a blog already. And instead of saying, 'No, you can't use that name,' why doesn't it say, 'but try this instead'?

Anyway dotty seems a good style for me.

Charlie is sitting in her favourite chair, Harvey is sleeping in the kitchen (otherwise he would be here to add his own comments) and I'm finding ways to avoid writing.

A case of wine has just arrived - about which I am surprisingly pleased in spite of the fact that I don't drink - and all is well with the world in my little corner. Except for the raining spitting down outside.

Is there a spelcheck on this sytem? See, I can't even type spellcheck properly.

Now let's see if I can publish this.